911 Truth Awakenings

Saving Young American Men and Future Generations of Americans
 from Wars and an Uninhabitable Planet



"The Military is Slavery.  Free men fight for home and country—and only do so at home in their country" A True-to-Country American Patriot

New Investigations on 9/11
 are Pointless

As the Whole Government has been
Compromised and Nazified
by the Allies of Zionism
 and Israel

Justice Remains with The People
In One Fell Swoop

As Violence is Intentionally Orchestrated

Without the Nation

and Within the Nation

In 2001, the FBI classified the organization as “a right-wing terrorist group,” which has
been involved in plotting and executing acts of terrorism within the United States.

As Israel Turns the Whole Planet
into a Pit of Hell

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to [The] Light.
— George Washington

9/11 Whole Truth

When Truth and Powerful Insights Became a Necessity to Tell
The People

Christopher Bollyn

Kevin Barrett

Victor Thorn

Jonathan Azaziah

Thierry Meyssan

James Petras

Freedom Attacked –
 A Nation Under

The “Patriot” Act and Other Nefarious Documents and

The So-Called "Patriot Act"

A Several Hundred Page
Document was Written
Up Well Before 9/11

War, Racism, Evil, Violence and Occupation in Other Lands is
Not the American Way

Protect and Serve America at Home

All 9/11 Wars Were Initiated
on  a Big War Lie

 Israel Did 9/11

Israel Deliberately Attacked
the USS Liberty

Zionism, Israel and Wars Abroad are Anti-American, Anti-Human and Soul-Destroying

That is Why 22 American Military Personnel Commit Suicide Everyday

Some Things are Just Too Big to Fix
on Our Own
 Will Do the Job

A Nightmare World
of Toxins & Chemicals

for What Should be a Naturally Perfect Earth

"All is precious on the Earth, and all belong where they are including things under the Earth (i.e. 'natural resources').  To take things out of their natural place, the natural sacred order of the Universe, is to invite destruction upon the Earth and upon ourselves" The Indigenous Peoples of the Earth

  Amazonian Indians, Australian Aborigines

"All things are bound together.  All Things connect.  Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it.  Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself"

Chief Seattle

People Aren't Killing
The Earth

It's The System

The System is At War
 With Us and is Killing
 Us and the Earth


Fluoride – A Nazi Idea


Artificial Sugars

Genetically Engineered


Toxic Spraying of the Skies


Massive Radiation

Cell Phones

Cell Towers


Massive Industrial Pollution


Nuclear Power Plants &
 Uranium Mining

Depleted Uranium

Earth’s Evil Companies




The Gulf and Corexit


Massive Toxic Poisoning
of the Environment

Massive Killing of the
Ocean Life

Harmful to the Earth & Humans Technology

Cell phones
Cell towers

Military Sonar
Genocides Marine Life

Wind Farms
Genocides Birds


Causes Animal Harm and
Poisons Our Underground Water

Not to Mention:

Cracking the Earth?

Fracturing the Earth?

What Insanity Would
Break Up the Earth
We All Live On?

Our Beautiful Earth and All Life on it is Being Attacked
To Death and Destruction

Our Alternative Future:

Support the System of
Heart, Life and Soul

As an Integrated Whole

For the Life of Us






9/11 Truth Awakenings
For the Coming Out
 of the US War Stupor



For the 3,000 + souls that lost their lives, including fire fighters on 9/11

 We honor and respect their lives in the Truth of 9/11.  God rest their souls. 
It should never have happened
As with the corresponding, consequent world,
 and terrible loss and maiming of life after it happened.

  We turn to the post 9/11 world that made it happen

People Tell Us

Read about the accounts and eureka moments of everyday people
 waking up to the Truth of 911.  We are in the Process of
 Forming a 911 Truth Awakenings Museum and
 Redemption Project as an integral
   part of The Spiritual UN

The Outcome of the Big Lie of 9/11

Soldiers Tell Us the Truth

"Eat the Apple at the Core, I Don't
 Work for You Anymore

"I Watched my Brothers Die for These Lies ...

War Casualties of the Big Lie

Animals are Not Meant for War, Neither are Humans

Soldier Suicides

Soldiers Maimed

 Totally diminished lives:  Hundreds of thousands diagnosed with PTSD, experiencing
 brain injuries and undergoing life changing limb amputations;

A Day in the Life of Losing Your Soul, Mind
 and Body to the Big War Lie

How the U.S. Military Turned Evil

Major General Smedley Butler Would Counsel You Wisely
 and Not Have you Go to Your Early Grave

The Last Great, True and Real American President

"We do not want a PAX Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war.  Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave.  I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, the kind that enables men and nations to grow and to hope and to build a better life for their children--not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and womennot merely peace in our time but peace for all time" John F. Kennedy (1963)

The Right Kind of Marine

Loyalty and Fidelity to Country First

America First Pledge


The Sad Farce of Veterans Day


USMC General Smedley Butler said, "There are only two things we should fight for.
 One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights"

American Home Ownership Can be Gauged by the
Rising Statistics of American Homelessness Since 9/11

America's Homeless
The Rise of Tent City USA

NYC Homeless and Hungry Grow After 9/11

Why US Soldiers Should Vacate the Body and Soul Destroying Military and Form
 Citizen Militias as Their Patriotic 2nd Amendment Duty Instead

How 9/11 Was an Inside Job

If we examine what was needed to facilitate the attacks, we see that most of the deaths on 9/11 were
 the result of many things that should not have happened.  And none of it could have been
 accomplished without the involvement of U.S. authorities.

·         Pre-9/11 investigations that would have caught the accused men were shut down.

·         All the levels of hijacking prevention failed four separate times.

·         For several hours, our leaders did nothing to protect the nation.

·         The planes should have been intercepted but they were not.

·         The planes were flown like guided missiles.

·         Three WTC skyscrapers were completely destroyed, and all of them fell through what should have been the path of most resistance.  There was also no visual attack on WTC 7 by "hijacked planes."

·         Evidence for explosives at the Pentagon was discovered and not explained.

·      The debris damage in Pennsylvania indicates that Flight 93 was shot down.

The Responsible Party


For the Deaths of Many

More on Muslims Did Not Attack the United States

Israel Did 9/11

The Five Dancing Israelis Mission Accomplished

9/11 was an Israeli False Flag Attack on the People of the United States

Demolishing the 9/11 Lie

Israel Also Attacked the USS Liberty

The USS Liberty Cover Up

"If it was an accident, it was the best planned accident
 I've ever heard of"
USS Liberty survivor

Former Australian PM Israel's Attack on USS
 LIBERTY Deliberate

Israelis are The World Deception Actors, Infiltrators,
 Terrorists and Faction Creators for the
   Racist, Sadistic War Machine

 Drawing from the Satanically Inspired De-Humanizing Talmud

Need we Say More on the Orchestration of the Racist and
 Sectarian Wars and Violence in the World?

Former US Soldier Says:

Developing and Cultivating Racism, Hate and Pure Evil (in an Individual) is a
 "Powerful Tool of the Military" as the US Military is Controlled by Israel

This Baby is Burning from the Use of Illegal White Phosphorous Bombs and Other Hideous Weapons of Mass Destruction Dropped on Iraq and Afghanistan through the Big Lie of 911

War Crimes and Crimes Against Life and the Earth Itself
Beyond all Proportion and Imagination Has Taken Place

Did the Devil Deceive You?

Muslims Did Not Attack the United States on 9/11

"I stopped believing the myths and propaganda on October 31, 1967, as a police baton raced toward my skull, as I witnessed 4 older boys bounce passing cars near the home of the most powerful judge in Orange County, California. At the age of 13, I awoke to the reality that in America, 40 adults in uniform would beat skinny teenagers senseless in an extremely wealthy neighborhood, without warning, when ordered to do so.

"There is no doubt in my mind that that Halloween night was the turning point in my life. I never fully trusted anyone in uniform from that day forward, and as the years pass I find myself putting more and more of the symbolism of this country beyond the reach of my eyes and ears.

"I will switch channels when the NFL glorifies the military and DHS.

"I will gently dissuade anyone thinking of joining the military.

"I will not listen to prayers for the military.

"I will not listen to the military or war being raised up from the pulpit in church."

War Costs 

"A nation that continues year after year to spend more on military defense than on programs of social uplift
 is approaching spiritual death"
Martin Luther King, Jr, Riverside Church 4 April 1967, New York City

The US Economy

All Wars are Bankers' Wars

"If my sons did not want wars, there would be none" Mrs Gutele Schnaper, wife of Mayer
 Amschel Rothschild

On the Big Lie of 9/11 The U.S. Military Became One Big Psychopathic
 Killing Machine Killing Millions of Innocent People in Other Lands

 Old People, Men, Women, Children, Infants and Babies

None Having Their
Hand in 9/11

What Sickened Sgt Bowe Bergdahl?

 US Military War Crimes and Crimes
 Against Humanity?

Raping of Young Children?

"I didn't think of Iraqis as humans," says U.S. soldier who raped
a 14-year-old girl
(more like 6 or 7 years old) before killing her and her family.

Green's victim, Abeer Qassim al-Janabi (a beautiful, sweet, innocent
 little girl, is she not?), whose parents and sister were also murdered in the attack.

Running Down Children in Their Armored Vehicles?

“We don‘t even care when we hear each other talk about running their children
 down in the streets with our armored trucks”
Sgt Bowe Berghdahl

Terrorizing, Maiming and Killing People?

Killing and Destroying Whole Families?

Terrorizing Mothers and Their Sleeping Children

Torturing of People?

Torturing Children Too?

Sexually Assaulting Women?

Urinating on the People They Killed in Cold Blood?

Notice the Child's Body, Older Man (Perhaps Father) and the
 Wheelbarrow on the Ground (Terrorists, Right?)

The Firing of Phosphorous Bombs and Other
 Hideous Weapons?

Droning People Going About Their Everyday Lives?

Snipering the Population?

 Destroying the Homes and the
 Livelihoods of Already Impoverished Populations?

Creating 5 Million Orphans in Iraq and Untold in Afghanistan?

Julia Ward Howe, Author of the 'Battle Hymn of the Republic' said "......

Wake Up America to the Truth of 9/11

Know that Israel is in the Gates of the U.S. through
 the Politicians of America

 Turn Off the Military Killing Machine of the World


"Wherever America shows up, mass killings, destruction and incalculable human misery follow. After a decade
 of war and occupation, Afghans perhaps suffer most of all."  Article here

 Sadism is Now Part of the Military

How Did America Come to This?

"Obey Your Conscience"

Bob Berghdahl to his Son, Sgt Bowe Berghdahl

And to All Sons of America

War Deceives

One More Thing

The Make Believe War

 Land Mines Vastly Planted Throughout Afghanistan have Killed and Maimed
 in the Thousands, Both the Civilian Populations and U.S. Soldiers in the Country

Why Would People in Their Own Country Kill Their Own
 CountrymenLet Alone Indiscriminately?

Whose Planting the Land Mines?

The Same (Sinister) Ones in the Shadows Firing on U.S. Troops
to Make Believe that the People in the Country are Firing on Them

The False Flag Operation of 9/11 to Blame Muslims for the Attack on America
Has been Taken to a New Level, or Low Shall We Say

To a  "False Flag Terrorism War" Where a Third Force in the Shadows
 Deceives the Soldiers Being Fired on that it is the Civilian Population Doing it To Them

U.S. Army School for Advanced Military Studies (SAMS), quoted by the Washington Times,
 September 10th, 2001,  describes the Israeli participation in War as:

Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning.
Has capability to target U.S. forces and make
 it look like a Palestinian /Arab [i.e. Muslim / 'Islamist'] act”

US Troops are Killed and Maimed by Israelis in the Shadows to Perpetuate
 the Phony, Fabricated Global War on Terror

Children World Over are Also Their Targets to Force and
the Violence and War Mode on the Planet



'What is great is that you don’t follow any law or rule.  You feel that YOU ARE THE LAW.  Once you go into the Occupied Territory YOU ARE GOD!.'  The soldiers’ internalization of the powerful Zion-fascist ideology provides a self-justification in the eyes of the interviewees for castrating a man, bashing in the face of a woman protester, shooting an innocuous pedestrian, breaking the arm of a 4-year old child and other ‘gratuitous’ acts of random violence."  Article here 

The Murderous, Sadistic, Racist Cowards and Two-Legged Beasts in the Shadows
Terrorizing Human Populations

Whose Neocon Allies in the U.S. wrote the Perpetual War Narrative
 of the "Project for a New American Century," i.e. War
   All the Time, Decade through Decade, Generation
 through American Generation

How Else?

Through a Third Force in the Shadows for a Make Believe War in Other Lands
through the Perceptions of the Soldiers, Civilians and the American Taxpayers

All the While
The People's Rights, the American Dream and America
 Herself Are Being Eviscerated at Home

Get It?

Americans Deceived

Americans have been Fighting in a False Flag War
in Both Iraq and Afghanistan

And Have Done an Incredible Amount of Damage, Destruction and Killing
 in those Countries on Innocent People who Had No Idea Why They Were Being Killed

Americans Must Have an Opportunity to Redeem Themselves, as Well as the
 Space and Place to Opt for a System and an Economy that No Longer
 has War, Cruelty, Brutality, Central Bankers and Israel Built Into It.

The "9/11 Truth Awakenings Museum and
 Redemption Project" is that Space and Place.

It Can Also be Supported Here Through Your Pledges:


As the Direction the Nation Needed to Go for Its Healing, Re-Affirmation
 of Its Constitution and Redemption (Destiny) After the Event of September 11, 2001


"America's Destiny is Not Power (Brute Force and Tyranny),
 but Light (Higher Thought,  Ideals and Insights)"
 — Benjamin Franklin

Join Together in The Light

 Love Unites with Rights

Recapping on the Perpetrators of 911

I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day
 become deadly to the Human Race
” – Voltaire, 1771



Universe' Cosmic Code Crop Circle
Message Morse Code for: "No More
Indeed, On this Planet,

world map hits counter



"Fixing America will be like fixing a big broken picture window,  sweep up the debris, board up the hole, and REPLACE the whole window. Anything short of that is the continued asinine futile attempt to put scotch tape on
Dave Diesel

Let's No Longer Put ScotchTape
on Sand

How We Can Get Back to a Truly Human World and a Natural and Unharmed Planet

We Don't Need The Middlemen

Politicians, Presidents,  Puppets
or the Two Party System
All are Totally Corruptible and It Never Changes

Because All Work for Global, Corporate and Federal Reserve Interests, Not Humanity's

In Their Work They Are Against Humanity's Interests and Rights through Tyranny, Oppression,
and the Economy

They Also Make Sure Humanity
Stays Mentally, Physically and Spiritually Impoverished

Through their Combined Collaborations and Efforts They
Also Destroy the Health of the
Planet and the Health of Humans

War, Intrigue, Violence and
Perpetual Human Impoverishment and Cruelty is Built into Their Financial-Corporate-Globalized System

They Also Destroy Men's Souls
and Bodies through the Atrocities
of Wars and Kill off the Young

Generation through Generation through American Generation through their Media-Generated
War Machine

The Whole System is Bad and  is Killing One and All

and All Life on the Planet

Let's Turn the Direction of the
Nation to a Better System
Gives us a Truly Human World
and a Natural and Unharmed

Let's Turn to a System that Cuts
out the Middleman and Therefore
is Totally Incorruptible

Let's Turn to a System that Works
for Humanity and is Good to All

Let's Turn to a System that
Enhances our Freedom and Progress through Enlightened Knowledge and Understanding

Let's Turn to a System that
Supports and Uplifts People, their Projects and Passions through
the Right Type of Economy

Let's Turn to a System that Sees
the Health of the Planet Interconnected and as Important
to the Health of Humans

Let's turn to a System that
Enhances the Health of Humans
and Gets us Back to a Totally
Natural Planet
Chemical and
Toxin Free

Let's Turn to a System that has
Seen the End of all War, Violence
and Intrigue and Cares for the
Young and All Life on the Planet

Let's Turn to a System that Does
Not Hold the Ideology of "Live
and Let Die"

But "Live and Let Live
Vibrantly, Beautifully and to Its Own Full Potential"

The System of Heart, Life and
Soul As an Integrated Whole

The Objectives

Our Greater Purpose

A Different Sort of

A Different Sort of UN

"The Spiritual UN"

of the Human Spirit

in All of US

Connected to a Greater Reality
for the End of All War, Weapons
and Militarization

In One Fell Swoop

And Know That

The Devil is Not in the Details

Because the Devil has Been
Taken Out of All
 the Details

What We Get with The System of Heart, Life and Soul

As an Integrated Whole

*Human Rights

*Gun Rights

*Environmental Rights

*Animal Rights

*Civil Rights

*Bill of Rights

*Property Rights

*Privacy Rights

*Decent Living Wage Rights

*Work Safety  Rights

*Education and Literacy Rights

*Rights to Clean Water

*Rights to Clean Air

*Rights to Grow Clean, Uncontaminated Natural Food

*Rights to Consume and Sell
 Raw Milk

*The Indigenous Peoples' Right to Live in an Unpolluted, Native Environment

*The Rights for Small Businesses
 to Thrive and Prosper

*Rights to Health

*Right to Print Our Own Money
 for the Prosperity of the Nation
 Usury Free

Because There are Just Some
Things We Have to Do

For Life, Liberty and Happiness
for All

Good to Us All
And to Free Us All










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